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Shuruq Naguib

Shuruq Naguib

Lancaster University

Dr Shuruq Naguib is a lecturer in Islamic Studies at Lancaster University, UK. She received her PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Manchester, Department of Middle Eastern Studies. She is interested in Qur’an hermeneutics and female exegetes and jurists in Islam, with special interest in Bint al-Shati’. She is the former Co-chair of the British Association of Islamic Studies (BRAIS, 2012-2017) and she continues to serve as a Council Member.


Gendering Islamic Studies
This talk is about the acquisition of knowledge and authority in the study of Islam. Applying a gender lens, Shuruq will draw on current data from the AHRC-funded project Representing Islam on Campus. She is also interested in the current status of Islamic and gender studies in general, so will talk about what questions/issues are focused upon and what is ignored or excluded and how we can proactively develop the research/activism agenda.


Gender in the Muslim Atlantic (I): Comparing the UK and US
What do discussions and debates within Muslims communities about gender look like in the United Kingdom and the United States today? How do the two contexts compare when it comes to this issue? What aspects of the discussion travel well between these two settings, and—conversely—what gets lost in transatlantic translation?Please note: This is an interactive workshop where all participants will be expected to actively contribute to the discussion throughout. There is a max capacity of 20 participants per session, on a first-come-first-served basis.