Mb Alissa Wahid

  1. Mb Alissa Wahid

Mb Alissa Wahid

Family Wafare Agency, Nahdlatul Ulama

Alissa Wahid is a trained family psychologist with extensive experience in community development and social movements. As the General Secretary of Family Welfare Agency in Nahdlatul Ulama (Indonesia’s biggest Muslim Organization), Alissa led the organization to develop Family Resilience Program within Islamic Perspective. The program aims to promote just, strong, and moderate Muslim families. She is also actively involved in maintaining NU’s movement to promote moderate Muslim practices. Alissa is also the founder and national director of the GUSDURian Network Indonesia (GNI) in 2010, a national community of social activists working to promote active citizenship, to strengthen democracy and human rights, to enhance interfaith dialogue and understanding. For its work, GNI received the 2018 Asian Democracy and Human Rights Award by Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, and 2019 Indonesian Mental Revolution Award.


The Story of Indonesia

This Session will explore the compatibility of democracy and Islam in Indonesia, and how the biggest community of Moslems in the world has become the champion of democracy.