Lisa-Raine Hunt

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Lisa-Raine Hunt

Lisa-Raine Hunt

Counter Extremism Community Coordinator

Lisa-Raine Hunt works in London with faith, race, disability, LGBT+ and gender focus groups, supporting the development of grass roots community activity that counters prejudice, hatred and extremism.

She has been working in the public, voluntary and arts sectors in London for 15 years specialising in community dialogue, education and development. Her work has taken her to Churches, Mosques and Synagogues, Community Centres, Schools, Local and Central Government and the occasional Art Gallery.


Grass roots and Government – can we work together to counter different forms of extremism?

Lisa-Raine Hunt introduces the Home Office Counter Extremism programme, lifts the lid on a surprising profile of extremisms in Hackney, East London, and explores why ‘stretch collaboration’ between local communities, local authorities and central government can be incredibly painful, but also incredibly effective – when it works.