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Daniel DeHanas

Daniel DeHanas

King’s University London

Daniel Nilsson DeHanas is Senior Lecturer of Political Science and Religion at King’s College London and serves as co-editor of the journal, Religion, State and Society. His research on religion and politics includes work on religious identity, political participation, and London as a global city of migration. His book London Youth, Religion, and Politics (Oxford Univer- sity Press 2016) brings these interests together in a comparative study of young Muslims and Christians. He also recently co-edited the book Religion and the Rise of Populism (Routledge 2019) including a global range of case studies of religious influences on populism in Britain, the US, Switzerland, Turkey, and elsewhere. His current research (with Peter Mandaville) is a British Council Bridging Voices project on the ‘Muslim Atlantic’ that explores the connections between American and British Muslims.


Workshop: Race and securitization in the Muslim Atlantic (I) – the Muslim Atlantic in the era of Trump/Johnson

The American Countering Violent Extremism and British Prevent strategies, and the wider securitized environment in which they are operate, have contributed to a sense among American and British Muslims that they are embattled as ‘suspect communities’ at a time when Islamophobia is rife. This workshop will investigate our current politi- cal times including the position of Muslims under the Trump and Johnson governments, Muslim debates on the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and the intersections of racism, Islamophobia, and the postcolonial.

Please note: this is an interactive workshop where all participants will be expected to actively contribute to the discussion throughout. There is a maximum capacity of 20 participants per session, on a first-come-first-served basis.